Annecy day three (Friday, April 12, 2019): market day, a gorgeous boat ride on the lake, Raclette for lunch, and a concert, with Alpenhorns, in the castle!

Below: It’s market day! Annecy has an outdoor food market every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning until about 12:30 pm. A gorgeous setting throughout the old town, on bridges, over canals and under arcades. (Annecy also has a flea market on Saturday mornings, but I didn’t attend. The TI offers information about it.)

Above: Rissoles – a Savoyard treat of flaky, lightly fried dough – the savory are stuffed with a variety of cheeses; the sweet are stuffed with different yummy fruit compotes. A delightful breakfast!

Below: A hour-long boat ride on Lac d’Annecy (boat ride info below.)

Above: The stunning Château de Duingt

Below: Raclette for lunch at restaurant L’Etage (more info below)

Above: one of the waiters showing other guests how to tilt the cheese and scrape off the melty part, to enjoy with your potatoes, bread and cornichons. Yuuuummm!

Above: ooey, gooey melty cheesey goodness.

Below: An evening concert in le Château d’Annecy with Alpenhorns – only €4.

Boat ride along the lake

  • You can buy your tickets at the blue kiosks along the boat dock (Port d’Annecy.)
  • I took the one-hour Croisière Grand Lac for 15.50€.
    • Five to six departures per day this time of year; eight departures in high season (which starts April 20 this year).
    • Doesn’t run Nov. – March.
  • The “boat taxi” around the lake starts up on April 20, 2019, so, in future years, probably also in late April.
    • Two hours total if you take the whole ride non stop, 19.80€ for adults.
    • It makes six stops before returning to Annecy.
    • It would be a great way to do a partial bike ride/partial boat ride. I want to bring Jeff here next year in late April just for that – plus to stay in a balcony room over the river at Hôtel du Palais de l’Isle
    • The “boat taxi” (Circuit Omnibus) is in service April 20 – Sept. 22 in 2019.
  • Annecy also offers lunch and dinner cruises from the same port.

L’Etage restaurant for fondue and Raclette

Raclette and cheese fondue are classic dishes in this area, just like in neighboring Switzerland. In many places here in Annecy, these dishes are available only for two people. I’m “one” on this trip, and restaurant L’Etage is happy to accommodate. Book ahead – the restaurant was full for both my Raclette lunch and my fondue dinner. They also offer a large variety of other regional specialties.

At L’Etage, Raclette is offered only in their lovely inside/upstairs wooden-beamed dining room (that’s because Raclette requires a power plug and a sideboard for the table-top grill used to melt the Raclette cheese.) Fondue is available outside, in the bar, or upstairs – but still, book ahead.

Even for just one person, for a Raclette meal, restaurants serve at least a pound of cheese, perhaps even more. If you finish it, they’ll bring more – but my waiter said he’s never seen any person or group finish their portion. Fortunately, restaurants reuse the “leftover” Raclette for many other yummy things.  (No, I didn’t even come close to finishing mine.)



  • Frank Price says:

    Is the Chateau in Annecy open for tours.Can one stay there over night?

    • Vibeke Arentz says:

      Hello, Frank. Yes, the Château is open, but no, one can’t stay overnight. Here’s what Rick Steves says about the inside “There’s little to see inside: a few rooms devoted to local folklore, anthropology, and natural history, and a modern-art collection that rotates regularly.” Rick also says “Skip it.” But if I had had a little more time I would have gone in to see the exhibits. Cost: €5.50, €7.20 combo-ticket with Museum of Annecy. I did attend a concert in the Château, and that was wonderful!

  • Adrianne Cady says:

    My husband and I stayed in Annecy and enjoyed a day trip to Yvoire overlooking Lake Geneva. We also visited the Castle of Menthon-St. Bernard, near Annecy and it is well worth a visit to learn about itshistory.