Our Home

Nighttime view of the walled city from the balcony of apartments for rent in Carcassonne

I’m excited to share that we now have two spacious, private apartments for rent in Carcassonne, in our home! It’s just a 10-minute walk to the medieval walled city, shops and restaurants, and both apartments offer ample free street parking. One apartment has a stunning view of the walled city from its private balcony and salon. Enjoy a comfortable, relaxing stay as you get to know the beautiful city of Carcassonne!

It’s apricot season, and our apricot tree was extremely prolific! So for at least a couple of weeks (if not more), Jeff picked apricots every day, and we spent a fair bit of time “processing” them (mostly in the old kitchen – the new kitchen wasn’t quite ready yet.) I’m so happy with the results!

Confinement in Carcassonne our American fridge

We are so happy to be in our new kitchen! We’ve been using it for about two weeks, and I wanted to share some photos comparing our original (old) kitchen (upstairs) on the third floor with the new kitchen (downstairs) on the second floor. We used the upstairs kitchen for a year; we couldn’t have lived without it and are so grateful for it, but oh, gosh, it’s so nice to be in a more functional kitchen. And we love not having to carry our dinner downstairs every night – finally, our kitchen is on the same floor as our terrace. There’s still work to do, but the heavy lifting is over!

Guest bathroom on our third floor before: Brown shag carpet on the floors and walls. (Yes. Brown shag carpet that was installed in the 1970s — back then, a sign of wealth. Today, ick.) Bathroom after: No more shag carpet, and many more improvements. The previous owners did install some beautiful travertine marble back in the 1970s — so our challenge/opportunity was to find and install tile that worked with the “old” lovely travertine. Here are some before and after photos.