It’s apricot season, and our apricot tree was extremely prolific! So for at least a couple of weeks (if not more), Jeff picked apricots every day, and we spent a fair bit of time “processing” them (mostly in the old kitchen – the new kitchen wasn’t quite ready yet.) I’m so happy with the results!

Jeff came up with the idea of stewing them (no sugar or anything else added), so we have many containers of beautiful, delicious apricot sauce, some in the fridge and some in the freezer. Friends have told us it’s yummy on ice cream and in smoothies. We love it with all of the meats we grill (including duck), and in our breakfast fruit bowls. What fun!

And, well, what do you do with the juice? Create an adult beverage, of course. So, apricot juice, triple sec (or vodka) and Perrier – yum! Jeff named it the Carcassonne sunset.

He also wanted to dry a lot of them (some outside and some in the oven) so now we have several bags of delicious dried apricots.

And even though it’s all delicious, Jeff is planning on pruning the tree back a bit so we don’t have quite so many next year. Here are a few more photos. Now, it’s on to gathering the grapes from our two grape vines!




  • david lincoln ross says:

    WOnderful bounty!

  • Adrianne Cady says:

    You two look wonderful and very happy! Though I do not have the luxury of having an apricot tree, I think I am going to buy some at the grocery and let them ripen and make myself a Carcassonne Sunset… preferred. Enjoy your summer. Thanks for sharing a bit of heaven with us all.

  • Karen says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • maila says:

    Good for you. I know your Mom would be proud to have you preserving your bounty. Looking forward to a Carcassonne Sunset !!!

  • Monique Blinks says:

    bonjour Jeff and Vibeke, found your site finally…speaking of abricots,,just made some great jam, {with sugar}..sorry…but they were from a wild tree I found, the best ever..By the way the house looks fab, you 2 are having fun, you remind me so much of James, he would be so proud of you, so happy the house is moving along with your loving care, love the pics of you 2> By the way the 4th of july will be in the crow;s nest…miss seeing you again. love to both of you, Monique

    • Vibeke Arentz says:

      Bonsoir, Monique! It is so very nice to hear from you! Thank you for your lovely comments on our house – yes, it’s come a long way in two years. Enjoy your beautiful Fourth of July celebration – I have wonderful memories of the crow’s nest. Much love to you! Jeff and Vibeke