Jeff’s created another brilliant design. On our balcony that looks out on the walled city, instead of having two rickety wooden chairs and a short rickety wooden table (that the previous owner left behind) we now have a tiled bar-like counter, and four barstools!

Below shows a little bit of what it used to look like. (We took this in February, on a spring-like day).

Here it is in progress.

Jeff grouting the tile – he did a gorgeous grouting job, and the natural stone tile is so beautiful.

Before, we didn’t use the balcony very often because the old furniture made it fairly crowded. Now, I think we’ve been out there more in the last two weeks than in the last 11 months. It’s a wonderful way to beat this heat – it’s shady and cool in the mornings until about 11:00, and shady in the evenings starting at about 7:00.  I’m out there every morning having my breakfast and working on my French workbooks, and we’ve enjoyed it together several nights after dinner until it gets dark at about 10:00. Cheers!