The next room that we tackled – our master bathroom, which is on the same floor as our new kitchen, and next to our bedroom. Destruction of the old bathroom started about mid-July. And voila – we started using the new bathroom about a month later, just in time for Karen and Tootie’s arrival on Aug. 20!

Here are before and after photos. The old bathroom: Pink tiles on the floor, white tiles with pink flowers on the walls, dark flowery wallpaper above the tiles and on the ceiling (on the ceiling!), no cabinets and only one towel rack, and of course, the requisite bidet.

You’ll see at the right of the photo of the old bathroom below, there used to be a step up and a door that led into our living room. And check out the reflection of the ugly wallpaper in the mirror.

Jeff had the door sealed off and the step to the door removed to make room for the new tall cabinet.

Here’s the old tub and toilet. The new bathroom has a walk-in shower (which is called an Italian shower here – is that what it’s called in the U.S?)

Here’s what the shower looked like when we moved in. We installed a much better shower head months ago, and now here’s the new one.

With bidet + tile + wallpaper + glaring lights, and without.

During destruction, and after. It still needs painting and new mats and towels, but it’s so nice to be able to use it!



  • Adrianne Cady says:

    So nice to see the metamorphosis of your beautiful home in Carcassonne. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

  • Roland MABILLE says:

    Very impressed !
    And very honoured by your visit in our cosy little home sharing the birth of my grand daughter !
    La suite en français !
    À bientôt !
    Roland et Roger

    • Vibeke Arentz says:

      Thank you so very much, Roland. And, we are very honored to have been with you in your beautiful home when your grand daughter was born. A wonderful memory. Thank you again for the lovely evening. Vibeke and Jeff