Guest bathroom on our third floor before: Brown shag carpet on the floors and walls. (Yes. Brown shag carpet that was installed in the 1970s — back then, a sign of wealth. Today, ick.)

Bathroom after: No more shag carpet, and many more improvements.

The previous owners did install some beautiful travertine marble back in the 1970s — so our challenge/opportunity was to find and install tile that worked with the “old” lovely travertine.

Here are some before and after photos.

Below — Before: All that brown stuff is carpet. Yuck.

Below — After: Carpet-be-gone!

Below — Before: The weird dropped ceiling, icky fluorescent lights (including icky yellow glass around the mirror that’s on the right hand side of the photo), and brown shag carpet. Oh, and yes, that’s Jeff in the mirror 🙂

Below — After: Now, flat ceiling with nice moulding, recessed lights, no carpet, and lovely tile around the mirror that’s on the right hand side of the photo, instead of the yellow stuff.

Below — Before: Bidet, toilet, and carpet….

Below — After: No more bidet, no more carpet – plus we installed a new toilet and a towel warmer.

Below — Before

Below — After

Below — Before: More carpet, and an alcove with a recessed cabinet that you can’t even see

Below — After: Carpet’s gone, and the cabinet is moved forward and tiled

Below — AFTER: We’re very happy with the result!

Below — here’s another “Before.” You can see there was even brown shag carpet along the bathtub. But not any more!