Here’s your fun opportunity to

  • Get to know someone who lives in the heart of Copenhagen
  • See her historic (c. 1797) beautiful apartment (and her views!)
  • Enjoy an amazing, traditional meal
  • Experience her neighborhood with a 1-hour walking tour after your meal

Heidi Krabbe, who founded Copenhagen Local,  offers a very special lunch or dinner experience in her very own home. Her apartment is — really — a stone’s throw from both Christiansborg Palace and the stunning, historical Stock Exchange building (photos of both, taken from her apartment, are at the bottom of the collage.)

The experience:

When you arrive, Heidi is happy for you to explore her flat on your own as she prepares lunch. Beautiful artwork, clever layout, Scandinavian design, impressive views – it’s very special to see a Danish person’s home in central Copenhagen

Heidi creates a delectable 3-course lunch for you — Danish cuisine, with a twist.

  • Smørrebrød (several open-faced sandwiches.)
  • A main course (when we visited, these were also two delicious open-faced sandwiches)
  • Dessert

After your meal, Heidi takes you on a special hour-long walking tour right in her neighborhood (and her neighborhood is amazing….) including a walk outside the Christiansborg Palace (and its beautiful secret, quiet garden); next to the immortal Stock Exchange building; and into the serene Naval Church with its wooden trappings —  don’t miss the unique Naval Church.

Get in touch

Heidi Krabbe, Copenhagen Local,

She’ll send you her address, and when you arrive, push A on the “door phone” outside her apartment. (Bring with you a note that reminds you to push A. I forgot to bring that important bit of information, so we had to “hunt and peck” to find the right door phone.)

Her apartment is on the top floor.

Lunch and a walking tour – 49 Euros per person

Dinner ­­– 35 Euros per person

Heidi’s Apartment

The building (and Heidi’s apartment in the building) were built in 1797.

It’s one of the oldest apartment buildings in Copenhagen.

Amazing items in Heidi’s apartment that are original (I’m serious — original), dating back to its 1797 construction:

  • Original walls, and there is still hay stuffed in some of the walls for insulation
  • Original floor
  • Original windows
  • Original beams

No tenant is permitted to change their apartment (with teeny exceptions.)