It’s so exciting to see huge progress on the house every day! We’ve cleared out a lot of junk, moved furniture around to create more open spaces, and spent our first week preparing the house for Tuesday Aug. 7 when the movers came with our shipping container from the U.S.

Our first week is full of activity (as I’m sure most weeks will be), and we’ve developed a nice Carcassonne routine. We’re staying in an apartment so we would have internet (I started that oh-how-do-we-establish-internet-in-France project on Saturday, August 4. More on that later.) In the mornings we’re up early to beat the heat, and after the 10-minute walk to the house, my favorite thing is to open most of our 18 windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors to let the breeze blow through. It’s very hot in southern France right now (as we knew it would be), and, fortunately, Carcassonne is quite breezy/windy (I’ve heard it’s because of the Pyrenees, which are 2 hours or less away.) So the breeze through the house creates an oasis.

After several hours, we stop for lunch in the garden’s welcome shade. I leave the house at about 1:30, walk the 10 minutes to the Monoprix grocery store on the pedestrian street of La Bastide, then walk 10 minutes back to the apartment for a desperately needed shower, and then work. Jeff says at the house until about 6:00, then we have dinner together at the apartment. I cannot wait until we can start living in the house full time!!


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