Last Wednesday, July 24, our friends Michael and Errol played their great music at Carcassonne’s lake, Lac de la Cavayère. What a gorgeous place to have dinner and see fabulous music with friends! I went with my dear friend and French tutor Claire, her sisters Alice and Jeanne, and Claire’s daughter Maëlle.

Maëlle, Jeanne and me

Jeanne, Maëlle, Alice and Claire

Michael and Errol

When Michael and Errol sing Sittin’ on the dock of the Bay, I always think of Jeff’s and my former home, Sausalito, California – Otis Redding started writing the song there in 1967 while sitting on a rented houseboat. He recorded it twice that year, including just days before he died in a plane crash.

Here’s another short video of them.

And, a lot of our other Carcassonne friends were there.

Lac de la Cavayère is about a 10-15-minute drive away from our home, and several times Claire, Maëlle and I have done my French lessons while taking the 1-hour walk around the lake. The lake was built in 1988 after severe forest fires affected the area in 1985. I’m sad that the fires were so bad, but very happy that we have the lake!

Claire, Maëlle and me walking around the lake for French lessons.

More photos of the lake taken during walks. The deck below is where Michael and Errol played.



  • Adrianne Cady says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely afternoon by the lake. Yes, Otis Redding brings to mind my college days back in 1965-1969 when we would play Sitting on the Dock of the Bay endlessly. Love reading your blog. How serendipitous that I stumbled across the article you wrote in WSJ and now, I can vicariously share your life in Carcassonne.