Restaurant L’Escargot’s owner Thomas – an amazing host. And a delightful restaurant.

Thank you Rick Steves, for introducing me to restaurant L’Escargot in your blog video in May! I LOVE this place. It’s a 15 minute walk from our home, in the Medieval City, close to the city’s oldest well; the owner, Thomas, is an amazing host, and the food is among the best I’ve had in France. 

Jeff and I had a lovely dinner there on Sept. 30, our second anniversary.

Here are some photos of our fabulous evening at the restaurant, and our walk home, plus a link to Rick Steves’ video from the restaurant. And below I share how tiny our bill was.

Here’s the link to Rick Steves’ video of his dinner here in May of this year. It’s awesome!

From our table at L’Escargot, we were gazing at this half-timbered building, which we believe was built in the 1500s.
Above: also from our table we were looking at this well, the city’s oldest of 22 – it dates back to the 1500s.
Above: the most amazing buffalo mozzarella I’ve ever had – like fluffy pillows, with crispy onion flakes – and our delectable escargot.
Above: Thomas treated us to glasses of champagne to celebrate our anniversary. Sante!
Above: Our walk home
Above: Jeff on the famous Narbonne Gate, on our walk home
Above: Another photo during our walk home
Our addition (our bill)

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