Santa brought a laundry room!
Jeff, our electrician/plumber John, and Santa were very busy the week before Christmas! John spent 4 busy days setting up the plumbing, and routing the electricity from our ground floor to our second floor, on the opposite side of the house, in order to create our laundry room. As soon as the plumbing and electricity were finally ready, Santa delivered our washer and dryer! And it won’t be long before, perhaps the Easter Bunny will replace the (unbelievably, really really ugly) linoleum floor in our laundry room.
During the last 5 months, we’ve been doing laundry in our ground floor boiler room in the small (but useable) washer that Dr. Cabibel left behind (and we were so glad to have it!), and then hanging clothes on a clothesline either outside or in the boiler room. But now, voila! Laundry is quick and easy on our second floor!
What it looked like when we moved in
What it looks like now. Ugly flooring will be gone soon.
Above: Jeff working on a lovely mirror that was in a corner of our laundry room when we moved in.
Above: What that corner looks like right now. Artwork soon to come.
And, that lovely mirror that Jeff was polishing in a previous photo – it’s now NOT on a floor hidden behind a door, but hanging in our main guest room so we can all enjoy it.